Repair and Restoration

A trend of today's society is that most items have become disposable. Yet there are many "classics" that deserve to be repaired and restored to their original beauty and functionality. We at Lamps 'N Lights have always taken great pride in returning classic lighting to original or even superior condition. We also perform repair of art deco lighting from France and Germany.

A customer once trusted us with a ballerina lamp that was a gift from her Grandmother 50 years earlier. In addition to the antique value of the lamp, the sentimental value was even more important. A socket exchange and the addition of a replacement silk cord turned the broken memory into a restored treasure!

Our store includes over 750 square feet of antique and contemporary lamp shades. We have hundreds of replacement parts in stock, and the ability to research and acquire replacements parts for even the most obscure lighting. With over 25 years of combined experience in repair and restoration, Lamps 'N Lights can handle all of your needs.

Call or E-Mail us to arrange for the best method to ship us your repair needs.